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Stanley St Peter's Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Perseverance

Home Page

Stanley St Peter's Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Perseverance

School Parliament

Our School Parliament

Our School Parliament is formed each September, when Year 6 form a number of political parties. Each party presents their values and ideas in a special Collective Worship and every child in the school takes part in casting their vote within authentic, private booths.

Each party member is given a specific role that they are responsible for developing.


  • Leadership: liaising with the Head Teacher or SLT, having a children’s leadership team, keeping track of the main priorities.
  • Worship: events or special collective worships, services at the church, community events in the local area.
  • Sport: PE coverage, tournaments, competitions, clubs, keeping active and fit.
  • Curriculum: lessons and learning, meeting with relevant subject leaders, ideas for trips or topics, timetable of the school day.
  • Health and Safety: Damaged property, cleanliness of the school, meeting with the Caretaker or Business Manager, litter, behaviour in school, healthy eating.
  • Playtime and Lunchtime: meeting with Lunch Time Supervisors, sports coaches, games, activities, equipment and the dining hall.
  • School Environment: areas around school, displays, classrooms, aesthetics of the school.


The School Parliament widens its horizons by employing further MP’s. Each class is able to nominate a candidate to join and represent the school. It is the responsibility of the class MP’s to raise any concerns, ideas or important events, which have been highlighted by their peers, and bring these to parliament meetings to be discussed and resolved.


Since forming the first School Parliament in September 2019, they have made tremendous progress in launching recycling initiatives. Each class now has its very own recycling box to ensure that no paper is wasted. Signs have appeared around the school and within each classroom as a reminder to staff that they must only print off essential paperwork to further promote the ‘zero waste movement’.


On Thursday 6th February 2020, the School Parliament – accompanied by Mrs Hick – visited the local recycling plant to increase their knowledge and understanding of how recycling works, with a view to implementing further improvements at Stanley St Peter’s Primary School.


As well as recycling, the school MP’s achieved a number of changes:


  • Bins have been placed in the playground to promote cleanliness and reduce litter.
  • Behaviour at break and dinner times has improved thanks to the re-introduction of school buddies and playground monitors.
  • The children met with dinnertime supervisors and agreed that all children are able to sit with their friends in the dining hall instead of being aligned in classes.
  • Cleanliness posters and reminders have been put up in the toilets.
  • They have provided all children with a voice at school and have created a safe, trustworthy School Parliament that we all believe in.


We can't wait to find out what our School Parliament for 2021-2022 get up to!


Updates will be provided when our new School Parliament Party and Class MPs have been elected.





We now have two more values - honesty and acceptance. Our website will be updated shortly to reflect this.