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Letters to parents
Home Page

Stanley St Peter's Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Perseverance

Home Page

Stanley St Peter's Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Perseverance

Who's Who

Stanley St Peter's Staffing Roles and Responsibilities 2018 - 19

Senior Leaders


Dr Sarah Trussler : Head Teacher

Teaching and learning, assessment, strategic leadership 


Mr M Shufflebottom : Acting Head


Mrs S Maiden : Acting Deputy

Mrs S Creighton : Acting Deputy


Middle Leaders

Mrs Suzanne Cook

Year 2 teacher; Key Stage 1 lead, geography and history lead


Miss Leanne Pickup

Year 5 teacher; Maths lead


Mrs Jen Murdoch

Reception teacher, Early Years lead



Ms Jayne Lewis

Nursery teacher, art and design lead


Mrs Alison Purdy

Year 2 teacher


Mrs Clare Atkin 

Year 1 teacher, PSHCE, British values and SMSC lead,school council


Mrs Fran Backhouse

Year 1 teacher, RE, SIAMS and collective worship lead



Miss Leanne Brown

Year 2 teacher


Miss Megan Harris

Year 3 teacher, music and creative arts lead


Miss Emily Lambert

Year 3 teacher


Miss Laura Smith

Year 4 teacher, Computing lead


Mr Shaun Cundall

Year 5 teacher,physical education lead


Miss Charlotte Schofield

Year 6 teacher, science and design technology lead


Mrs Lesley Hurndall

Year 6 teacher



Mrs Rachel Griffiths



Mrs K Carr : Inclusion Leader


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Katriena Brown, Art & Design

Ms Louise Jaques



Nursery Nurses

Mrs Mandy Walsh

Mrs Lorraine Robinson


Support Teams


Early Years team:

Mrs Mandy Walsh

Mrs Alison Newiss

Mrs Lorraine Robinson


Key Stage 1 team:

Mrs Janet Loughlin 

Mrs Julie Walton 

Mrs Marjorie Holden 


Key Stage 2 team:

Mrs Donna Hawley 

Mrs Lois McKigney, ICT technician

Mrs Ruth Prescott 


Learning Support Assistants:

Ms Natalie Hession

Mrs Leanne Huddleston


Learning and Teaching Administration Support

Mrs Val Eaton


Learning Mentor Manager

Mrs Diane McConnell



Administrative Team

Mrs Carol Bostock

School Business Manager

Mrs Lisa Glover

Administrative Officer

Mrs Claire Frier

Clerical Officer

Ms Jane Dunkley



Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Pam Dearlove - Senior Supervisor

Mrs Donna Hawley 

Mrs Ruth Hignett; School Crossing Patrol

Mrs Clare Johnson

Miss Chloe White

Mrs Glenda Oakes

Miss Chloe Bailey

Ms Sophie Berrie

Mr Simon Dearlove

Ms Emma Tennant

Mrs Sylvia Clegg

Mrs Louise Whitwam

Mrs Hannah Busby

Mrs Taraulata Mistry


School Premises

Mr Andrew Wilsher

Senior Caretaker







If you are taking your child for any appointment during school time, proof of appointment/absence MUST be provided to enable absence to be authorised - Thank you