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Letters to parents
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Stanley St Peter's Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Perseverance

Home Page

Stanley St Peter's Church of England

Voluntary Controlled Primary School

Friendship, Forgiveness, Courage and Perseverance

Student Blog

Last day of half term. All the children have been working so hard this year and we're glad it is the end of the half term. In year 6 we have been writing balanced arguments about fidget spinners and tour of Snowdon. Although most children think the fidget spinners are a good idea, they can distract people, get damaged and can hurt people if thrown. 


Have a happy holiday everyone!

Next week the Y6 children will be arriving at 8.45 so they can have breakfast together and get ready for the SATs. There has been a letter sent out that tells you all about it. Miss Lowndes and Miss Pickup have very kindly bought some cereal and other food for the Y6s. We would like to thank them for this. 


Some people from our school went to Kingsland School a week ago to play some sports together including bowling and catching. Thanks to Kingsland School who got their children involved too. Everybody had a good time.


A new sports club is coming out for basketball for Y5 and Y6 - a letter has gone out to see who was interested.


This blog is from Presley Class 12


The basketball team at Stanley St Peter's is starting a new team and the students are signing up to play. This might include playing children at other schools. Mr Gregory is going to get the playground posts fixed so people can practice at lunchtime.


Year 6 are off to Scarborough soon - in June after half term. We are especially looking forward to going to the beach. 


For our SATs please can everyone get to the breakfast club on time and we wish everyone the best of luck with the tests.


This blog is from Thomas Class 11



Recently it has come to our attention that too many children who live in poorer conditions have been dying. This is caused by malnutrition which means they have not been getting enough food or no food at all. Every minute five children die as a result of malnutrition. The small amount of £3 could help buy a week's supply of food and it only costs £150 to train a health worker to prevent and treat malnutrition. Also the Power of Nutrition Foundation will double the school's donations which means we will be helping even more!

So on Wednesday May 24th we would like all of the children to wear blue clothes to school and also bring a small donation to help UNICEF treat malnutrition in Liberia, West Africa.

For more information go to:


This blog was written by Ciara and Dominika from class 12

New website for bullying  

A new website link is coming to our school for children who are being bullied.

It will be really good because it will help children inform their teachers, parents and guardians of any bullying issues. We understand bullying to be:

  • unkindness to others
  • over and over again
  • can happen on the internet
  • can be physical and emotional


The Toot Toot! website is a good idea because it will help people feel safe and may stop the bullying. 



Year 6 SATs are coming up. To help us in Y6 we will be handing out tests for practice and these are marked on a Friday to see how children are progressing in their learning. Y6 will need to do at least one sheet a day and we recommend that they go to bed at a reasonable time.



Stanley Football


Check out all the recent news about Stanley Rangers U11 football team following the link above. They have recently been winning!


This blog has been written by Presley in Class 12

If you are taking your child for any appointment during school time, proof of appointment/absence MUST be provided to enable absence to be authorised - Thank you